Thinkpad P50 Fingerprint sensor on Pop OS

My rough steps for getting Thinkpad P50’s Fingerprint sensor working on Pop OS 20.04nInstall snap.nsudo apt updatensudo apt install snapdnnInstall validity-sensors-tools and configure the sensornsudo snap install validity-sensors-toolsnn# Give it access to the usb devicesnsudo snap connect validity-sensors-tools:raw-usbnsudo snap connect validity-sensors-tools:hardware-observenn# Initialize the devicensudo validity-sensors-tools.initializernn# Test the devicensudo validity-sensors-tools.led-testnn# This is needed and only works in 138a:0097:nsudo validity-sensors-tools.enroll –finger-id [0-9]nn# See other available toolsnvalidity-sensors-tools –helpnnUse custom libfprint from here.nsudo add-apt-repository -u ppa:3v1n0/libfprint-vfs0090nsudo apt install libfprint-2-tod-vfs0090nnInstall pam-fprint and friendsnsudo apt install libpam-fprintd pam-auth-updatenn# enable fingerprint loginnsudo pam-auth-updaten# (terminal gui opens, select fingerprint sensor)nnThen go to the user settings and enable fingerprint login.

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