Our product did not monetize, and it took too long to figure that out.

We failed to build a business because our product did not monetize, and it took too long to figure that out.

We sequenced building our business in the following order: First we built our team, then the product, then distribution, and then monetization.

We did not reach product-market fit until 2019, five years after starting the company.

Source: Kite is saying farewell – Code Faster with Kite

Adding my WordPress.com blog to Mastodon

Donncha posted an excellent guide for adding your WordPress blog to Mastodon!

Here are some additional steps I took for adding this blog, hosted on WordPress.com at the time of writing:

It’s mostly straight forward. Install these two plugins:

  1. ActivityPub
  2. WebFinger

I had to purchase a plan that allows installing custom plugins (At the time of writing, e.g. Business Plan).

After you install both plugins, go to your Profile page (Users->Profile)

I couldn’t access the profile page by going to Users->Profile. On WordPress.com, it points to https://wordpress.com/me instead of the wp-admin profile.

Instead, I manually pasted my site’s wp-admin profile url: e.g. https://<yourblogaddress>/wp-admin/profile.php

Company stock you can’t sell is useless

One company wanted to acquire [nomadlist] for $8M [of their] stock and I ask them “can I sell it (the stock)?” And they reply “Not on Nasdaq; maybe on the second market”

“Stock is useless”

His argument is that many Startup founders are not really rich. They are venture-backed and get payed in stock that cannot be exchanged for money.