Adding my blog to Mastodon

Donncha posted an excellent guide for adding your WordPress blog to Mastodon!

Here are some additional steps I took for adding this blog, hosted on at the time of writing:

It’s mostly straight forward. Install these two plugins:

  1. ActivityPub
  2. WebFinger

I had to purchase a plan that allows installing custom plugins (At the time of writing, e.g. Business Plan).

After you install both plugins, go to your Profile page (Users->Profile)

I couldn’t access the profile page by going to Users->Profile. On, it points to instead of the wp-admin profile.

Instead, I manually pasted my site’s wp-admin profile url: e.g. https://<yourblogaddress>/wp-admin/profile.php

Company stock you can’t sell is useless

One company wanted to acquire [nomadlist] for $8M [of their] stock and I ask them “can I sell it (the stock)?” And they reply “Not on Nasdaq; maybe on the second market”

“Stock is useless”

His argument is that many Startup founders are not really rich. They are venture-backed and get payed in stock that cannot be exchanged for money.


Four RSI Questions Answered

What are the characteristics of RSI?

RSI is characterized by nonspecific upper extremity pain that results from engagement in cumulative hand-intensive tasks.

Am I at risk?

Occupations at greatest risk for RSI are in service and manufacturing industries, including any job with computer and keyboard use.

What about treatment?

Physical activity should be encouraged. Efforts should be made to keep patients at work with accommodations, as indicated. Ergonomic modifications may be considered.

Could technological advancements help avoid RSI?

Advancing technology, including voice recognition software, may enhance the ergonomic environment and help to alleviate symptoms.


Most lap desks are not ergonomic

Most lap desk ergonomics are not fit for long-term use. The problem starts with the fact that, in themselves, most laptops are not ergonomic and require additional equipment for prolonged use.

Most lap desks are, by design, rather small work surfaces. There is little space for an external keyboard and mouse. Adding an external keyboard and mouse is necessary for ensuring proper ergonomic posture using a laptop.

Some of those do not have a laptop elevation mechanism, which means the laptop screen is not at an optimal position.

Standing desks might be worse than sitting

A highly-cited study out last year in the Journal of Epidemiology on 7,000 office workers found that, “Occupations involving predominantly standing were associated with an approximately 2-fold risk of heart disease compared with occupations involving predominantly sitting.”


it’s probably best if workers rely on occasional walks rather than standing desks.